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Katherine came to the UK in 2017, and after searching for a Peruvian dance group to join,  she didn’t find any that offered the kind of dance experience that she wanted, so she went ahead and created her own group. Starting out with a few friends that met up to dance Peruvian songs, she soon expanded out and set up ArtPerUK as a fully fledged dance academy. 

Katherine is a professional Peruvian dancer in London, and has 12 years of work experience in Human Resources, including 6 years in management, she  has 2 masters degrees, and has been dancing all her life.


Andreas has several years of sales and marketing experience in both the UK and Peru, and has worked writing content for several websites, and managed social media accounts. ​ Andreas has been working with ArtPerUK since its launch in 2019 to promote its services and get the word out about their unique dance classes to the wider world. Andreas attends ArtPerUK events and is behind the camera during the dances.


Maidie Ruiz, is a professional Peruvian folklore dancer. She has been in London since  2008. She was a member of the Fina Estampa folkloric dance Group in Chiclayo city where she promoted Peruvian dances such as festejo, marinera,tondero, vals and polka. She was a national champion of Tondero Dance At the Club Grau in Piura and won several other Marinera contests in Bagua, Chiclayo and Piura.



Minttzi was brought up in Puno, surrounded by the majestic Titikaka Lake and the millennial culture settled there for centuries, Puno is also considered the "Capital of Folklore of Peru" for more than 350 dances in its territory. She used to dance at the Fiesta de la Candelaria for years (the biggest event in Peru and the third biggest event in South America).

Her knowledge of the Andean culture and its importance in the social and economic development of the country have been a major part of her work as a social communicator.

Minttzi came to London two years ago. She's always been interested in Peruvian dances, and when she found out about ArtPerUk on Facebook, she immediately joined and is one of our first members, she's also a dancer and one of our video editor.


Estrella is a 34-year-old Peruvian who has lived in London since 2009. Her passion for Peruvian dance started when she was young, her father (from Cusco) and her mother (from Arequipa) always ensured she was connected to her roots and part of this connection was through dance, which she has embraced ever since. Estrella was born in Puno, her family then moved to Cusco where she was deeply engaged with the local traditions and festivities, and then she moved to Arequipa before relocating to the UK.


Living most of her life in 3 different cities in Southern Peru was the foundation to embrace the history and traditions of her country, a love that she shares with her husband and daughter. She has been surrounded by different Peruvian styles of music and dance, rich history, and unique traditions throughout her life which deepened her need to broadcast her Peruvian culture to the world. She loves Festejo and Marinera, but her heart and soul are attached to the music and dance from the Andes.


Estrella has been living in the UK for almost 12 years; she joined ArtPerUK in June 2019 where she found a place to fulfill her passion, and since then she has been very committed to the group where she is a highly active member. She has been one of our dance teachers since Feb 2020, she is also our photo and video editor, collaborates with our social media and takes part in the organization of ArtPerUK events.

Estrella is an Import & Export Consultant by profession, she studied International Trade at the UCSM in Arequipa - Peru and has an MBA from the University of Wales in the UK. Apart from dancing, she also loves cycling and photography


Joan, our instructor of Marinera, comes from Lima, Peru. At the age of 15, he moved to Spain, where he joined a dance group and learned to dance traditional Peruvian styles. Throughout the 10 years he had been living there, he went to many international dance festivals around Spain, as well as Belgium, France and Sweden. He has been living in the UK for the past 5 years and joined ArtPerUk about a year ago to teach his favorite style of dance - Marinera Norteña. Apart from teaching Marinera, Joan is also studying Business Studies and works as a self-employed photographer as he loves photography and filming.



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